Tutoring with AthenaStudies

SABA has a collaboration with AthenaStudies, a tutoring organization for students by students with a strong focus on quality. The teachers who are accepted must have completed the course they give with a grade of an 8 or higher and then have to score higher than an average score of a 8.0 on the evaluation forms filled in by students after completing a course. This ensures the students of top quality. It is not a coincidence that the success rate is also a special 87%.

During the tutoring, you will always work with their own written material. This material has been carefully put together and consists of practice material that will be at examination level. This way you become accustomed to the substance as it will be examined, and you will therefore be better prepared for the final test.Interested? You can check the courses and register by signing up through AthenaStudies.

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