Study Association Business Analytics

About Business Analytics

Bachelor Business Analytics

Business Analytics is a 3-year program at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. The study is a unique combination of mathematics, computer science and economics. The curriculum covers the entire process from data to solution. Right at the start of the bachelor, you get familiar with the practical applications of Business Analytics. Next to the practical side, the students also have a solid theoretical foundation in mathematics and programming.

The last year of the bachelor consists of an elective period called the minor. Students are allowed to choose from multiple courses or choose to go abroad. The bachelor is finalized with the so-called ‘Business Case’, where students solve a problem for a company. These 3 years combined ensure that the students not only have a theoretical background but also learn how to apply this.


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Master Business Analytics

The master Business Analytics is a 2-year program. The VU offers their students to follow the program either full time or combine work and study (dual track). The first 4 months consist of compulsory courses. After that, the students choose their specialisation:

  • Computational Intelligence,
  • Optimisation of Business Processes,
  • Financial Risk Management,
  • or Research.

All students have a solid foundation in applied mathematics, statistics, programming and data analysis.

In the final half year of the degree, the student does an internship at a company (the so-called Master project).


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