Study Association Business Analytics

Papers & Theses

During the whole Business Analytics program, students have to write several reports. The most interesting ones are often published online for others to read.

Research papers

During the Business Analytics Master, every student has to do some research and write an academic paper about this. This is done under faculty supervision, and often produces very interesting papers, some of which have been published in international journals. 

Supervisors can nominate papers for the BA Best Paper Award. This prize is awarded yearly. During the award ceremony, a keynote speaker and the previous winner will present shortly. Finally, the finalists present their research to the public and the winner is announced. 

Master theses

The Business Analytics Master is concluded by a Master Project Internship. This internship is a 6 month period where students work full time, to solve an academically challenging problem. Students write a report about the problem they have tackled during the internship, which functions as the final Master Thesis. 

More information about research highlights from the Faculty of Science at the Vrije Universiteit can be found here