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SABA is looking for its fifth board! Do you want to contribute in organising all drink-, sport-, social- and career events? Do you want to broaden your network and meet a lot of new people during your board year? All functions in the board are deliberated below.

Are you interested in becoming a SABA board member? Or do you want in more information? Send an email to!

Chair(wo)man stays in contact with our fellow WN-building study associations. You will join the BOLO in which you will be in direct contact with the FSR and other associations discussing matters concerning the whole WN-building. As well as the UVO, in which you will be in direct contact with the USR. You will also lead the weekly board meeting and the half yearly (mid) General Members Meeting. Other than that you will make sure every other board member contributes and help out when necessary.

Vice-Chair(wo)man supports the chair(wo)man however he/she can. As well as organising events with other associations and maintaining the relations with other associations.

Secretary updates the website and our social media accounts. You will make minutes during the board meetings and manage the mail account from SABA. The secretary also leads the NewCie which produces the monthly newsletter.

Treasurer is in charge of regulating the money. You will make a plausible budget and make sure SABA pays and receives invoices on time. At the General Members Meeting you will present your Financial report.

Chief Internal makes sure that our members have plenty of fun and entertaining activities to participate in. You will lead the committees and make sure they function the way they should. You are the face of the association to its members.

Chief External is responsible for the money coming in. Besides that you will be the line that connects SABA to businesses. To makes this happen you will organise multiple career events.

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