Study Association Business Analytics

SABA offers...

Sophistès discount

Get 10% discount on crash/weekly courses and summaries

Discount on books

Get discount on your study books from the VU book store

Old exams

Get access to our old exam archive of Business Analytics courses

Why should you become a member?

As a Sabaian, you are allowed to join all SABA events. We have diverse events which suit every student. We organize regular drinks, lunch at our beloved BAR (SABA room) and activities throughout the year such as city trips (abroad), sports and cultural events throughout the city of Amsterdam. 

In addition to these social events, SABA organizes several career events to give new bachelor cohorts an insight in what industries Business Analytics is applicable. Our older cohorts visit these events to learn about career prospects in BA and to connect with companies.

The SABA room

SABA members are also free to visit our beloved BAR (WN-P569) to hang out with fellow BA students. The BAR is an excellent place to discuss exercises and subjects with other students or to ask help from older cohorts. Socialize with other Sabaians while drinking a beer or soda and playing a game of Mario Kart. In addition to hanging out, it is also the perfect place to study for your exams.

Want to be more involved in the association and gain experience in planning, collaboration and the procedure of organizing events?

Join a committee! 

We have several committees which focus on a specific part of the association. Join the drinks, activities, Master, external, Photo, News, Cooking or promotion committee. Any questions regarding the committees or interested in joining one? Feel free to contact

Problem with your courses or do you want to share your opinion?

The board has monthly meetings with the Student Council and Faculty board. If you have a problem with your courses or have a remark, you can reach out to

Student trust person

Have you encountered an unsafe situation, are you mentally not feeling well or do you just need someone to talk to? SABA has 2 student trust persons you can reach out to. All information you share is strictly confidential and will of course not be shared with anybody else without your consent. Reach out to, Isabel Maduro or Britt Hale will reach out to you as soon as possible. You can also send them a text.