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Sophistès offers exam training for students at the university in the form of group tutoring. They strive to offer high-quality exam training by working with small groups and excellent tutors.


Courses at Sophistès are given by skilled tutors who are studying at the university themselves or have recently graduated. Tutors at Sophistès have to meet strict requirements regarding their grades, teaching skills and motivation. As a result, they provide the optimal support for all the students. Due to their personal experience with the material and teaching, the tutors are perfectly able to help you with your preparations.

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At KPMG, your development is our priority. You will be assigned a development manager who will help you further. In this way, you will contribute to progress that is good for people and society. Together with our clients, we work on their growth or progress. Everything we do is based on our values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together and For Better. Combining the latest technologies with what we at KPMG have built up over the past century: A foundation of knowledge, expertise and independent thinking.


Technology only makes progress if it is deployed with human insight and creativity. That’s how we see progress. What about you?

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As a ‘digital’ IT knowledge partner, we help our customers to stay ahead, so that they can respond quickly to changes in their markets. We are always curious for innovation and improvement. Together, we go for the most suitable solution and the most relevant innovation from the ever-growing range. Not only that, we also implement them safely, efficiently and effectively. We connect people and processes with the latest technologies. We do this in the areas of data analytics, application development, business innovations, management consulting, cloud & security and architecture and integration.

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Vantage AI

We want to make AI accessible to everyone, because we believe that AI improves society and the world. How do we do this? By developing, building and integrating data solutions in the right way. Vantage gives a lot of personal attention and colleagues know each other well. Our drive, entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the profession bring us together. Personal development, that’s what it’s all about for us. All consultants are intrinsically motivated to continuously learn and improve.

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Optiver is a market maker on many exchanges. That means we don’t merely aim to improve the markets in which we trade; we are, in fact, obligated to do so. We achieve this by continuously offering the narrowest bid-ask spread we can, which is the difference between the buying price and the selling price of a given financial instrument. The strategies and techniques we deploy to make these market improvements are deeply complex. They require a world-class team of highly skilled professionals with expertise in a broad range of disciplines, but we are all bound by one very simple purpose: improving the market.


We are i2i – Intelligence to Integrity, a tight-knit and young team of around 40 people that apply data science techniques in the healthcare sector. We work with health care providers such as hospitals, mental health clinics, and insurance companies, to ensure public funds are spent productively and efficiently. In the coming years, we aim to help more providers with our data-driven insights and expand our model to more domains within the healthcare sector.