Do you want to join a committee?

There are several possibilities within SABA to extend your resume with extracurricular experiences!

You can join several committees, and help organize drinks for your fellow students, expand your network by contacting companies to attend our networking events, or do almost anything you want to improve Business Analytics or SABA! Currently SABA has the following committees:

  • External
    • The external committee hosts multiple career-events every year! As a member of the external committee, your task is to contact companies and provide them with information in order to make sure they are present at the events.
  • Drinks
    • The Drinks Committee organizes events such as galas, carnaval parties, VrijMiBos and many other drinks.
  • ActiviCie
    • The Activities Committee organizes events like poolnights, gamenights, karaoke and plenty more!
  • Introduction
    • The Introduction Committee makes sure our new students have the best start of their year by organizing both the Introduction Week and Weekend.
  • Travel
    • The Travel Committee plans two trips a year, a Ski Trip and of course a City Trip!
  • Master
    • The Master Committee makes sure our master students stay involved and connected by organizing drinks and other activities.
  • KookCie (Cook Committee)
    • The Cook Committee is in charge of our Tosti Tuesdays, our Cooking classes and more!
  • NewsCie
    • The News Committee assambles our monthly newsletter with pieces about our events in the next month, our previous events and many more!

Interested? Send an email to Please mention the committee(s) that you are interested in and include a short motivation and your contact information. Our Chief Internal, Rik van Schie, will contact you and we will make sure you end up in the committee where your skills can excel.

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