SABA organizes several opportunities for both bachelor and master Business Analaytics students to meet interesting companies. The companies we work with are often involved in the Data Science, Machine Learning or the Financial (risk) field. Are you interested in a partnership with SABA? Below the most common collaborations are shown.

Career events
SABA organizes multiple career events a year with multiple companies. It is possible to get your company involved, chat with possible future employees and introduce your company. For more information see companies > career events.

Promotion of interships and/or vacancies
The bachelor and master students are required to do a business case and/or internship at the end of their studies. To promote your company and stay on top-of-mind of (almost) graduated students, a parntership is interesting. We can publish the material on our website, social media accounts or at events.

Company visit
If you want to introduce your company and give the students a taste of your company culture, a company visit is the way to go. Possibilities are giving the students a business case, presentation about your company and finish with a drink.

Do you want to engage with our Business Analytics students? Contact our Chief External Willem Bakers, by sending an email to He can further explain all the possibilities.

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