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Board V

Board V

The fifth board of study association SABA consists of six board members who will present themselves on this page.

Britt Hale


Hi! My name is Britt Hale and this academic year I will fulfill the role as Chairwoman. I am 22 years old and a second year MSc BA student. My task is to keep an overview of what is happening within the association and the board. I communicate with the faculty and our fellow bèta chair(wo)men. This year I want to give structure to our events and professionalize SABA even more. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reach out! 

Donna Homburg


Hi there! I am Donna Homburg and I am the Vice-Chairwoman of the fifth board of SABA. This year SABA will consist of 6 board members again. Having only the vice-chairwoman position for this year, there is a certain expectation for the board to achieve more than regular board years. Being the extra set of hands this year I want to focus on connecting with other study associations and learn from them.

Rony Munnik


Do you see the guy on the left side of your screen? That is me! Hello, my name is Rony Munnik and I will occupy the position of Secretary of the Vth board of SABA. As secretary, I will focus on the communication within the association. Communication is of utter importance to keep our association vigorous. Furthermore, I will be the intermediator for all communication between SABA and all parties. It is also my responsibility to keep our members up to date of all developments and upcoming events. Therefore, I will focus on transparency, so our members know what to expect at all times. If you want to contact me, send me an email!

Arthur Trautwein


Hee everyone! I’m the money, as Vesper Lynd said in Casino Royale. However my name is Arthur Trautwein not Bond, James Bond. I am the Treasurer of the fifth board of SABA. This means I am in charge of regulating the money, I make the budgets for this year and I am in charge of the tikkies. My main focus this year will be enhancing communication between the board and committees and making sure that SABA stays financially healthy, so we can keep organising great activities for our members!


Isabel Maduro

Chief Internal

Hello everyone, my name is Isabel and I am the Internal of the fifth Board of Saba. As Internal it’s my duty to make sure our members have plenty of fun and entertaining activities to participate in. This year I want to especially focus on the new first year students/members. I also want to try and get more involvement from our Masters Students. I think with the combined efforts of me, my fellow board members and the committees of the association we can make SABA grow even more.

Willem Bakers

Chief external

Hello everyone, most people know me as Willian Borges da Silva, but when I am in Amsterdam I use the name Willem. If people hear the name Willem they can only think of no silence and a lot of foolishness. It is my job to promote SABA to the companies, so our members get more insights into what we can do after graduation. I want to do this through company presentations / workshops or company visits. If you have an idea over which companies we should have a collaboration with contact me. You can always find me in the B.A.R. where I will be waiting for someone to beat me in Mario Kart!