SABA’s fourth Board

Donna Homburg


Hi there! I am Donna Homburg and I am the Chairwoman of the fourth board of SABA. A few of my tasks as the Chairwoman are to stay in contact with our fellow WN-building study associations, to communicate with the faculty and make sure all tasks within our board are executed. My main focuses are to create a continuity in and give structure to the program of SABA.


Roos Postmus


Hello everyone! My name is Roos Postmus and I will occupy the position of Secretary and Vice-Chairwoman of the fourth board of SABA. I think clear communication is the key to keep an association vital and healthy. A few of my responsibilities will be to update the website and our social media accounts. Overall I want to maintain transparency, support our Board and provide our Members with a clear overview of all our current events at all times.


Rosalie Bakker


Hee everyone! My name is Rosalie Bakker and I am the Treasurer of the fourth board of SABA. This means I am in charge of regulating the money, so first of all making a plausible budget and of course making sure we pay and receive invoices on time. My main focus this year will be enhancing communication between the board en committee’s concerning the cash flows and despite corona make sure SABA’s funds will stay healthy!


Rik van Schie

Chief Internal

Hello everyone, my name is Rik van Schie and I am the Internal of the fourth Board of Saba. As Internal it’s my duty to make sure our members have plenty of fun and entertaining activities to participate in. This year I want to especially focus on the new first year students/members. Since they had an unusual way of starting their first year as BA students I want to make their year as fun as possible. I also want to try and get more involvement from our Masters Students. I think with the combined efforts of me, my fellow board members  and the committees of the association we can make SABA grow even more.


Derk van Oostveen

Chief External

Hey there! My name is Derk van Oostveen and I am the chief external of the fourth board of SABA. I am a second year bachelor student in Business Analytics.

As chief external, I am responsible for the money coming in. Besides that, I am the line that connects SABA to businesses. To make this all happen, I will organise multiple career events. I am looking forward to organising the events and have a successful year.

Want to discuss a collaboration between your business and SABA? You can contact me via!


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