Business Analytics (BA) is a multidisciplinary programme aimed at solving quantitative business problems. The combination of mathematical, and information technological methods plays an important role in this program, with the ultimate goal to improve and optimize business processes. You are trained in identifying and solving problems in a very diverse field. Three disciplines, mathematics, computer science and economics contribute to such training. In addition to basic courses in these disciplines, a number of interdisciplinary courses and practice-oriented components are part of the study. Characteristic for Business Analytics is its focus on the entire process of solving business problems. Starting with data you obtain insight in the underlying problems and formulate key business components with mathematical models. Such models will typically be analyzed and optimized using mathematics and computer science. You also learn how the solution can be implemented and what obstacles may play a role. In short, you keep working on all aspects involved in improving business processes.  For more information about Business Analytics or your courses click on the link in the top!